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Google Account Registration: Features and Benefits

February 4, 2024

Google, a leading global giant, offers endless opportunities to its users. The ability to create a Gmail account using a virtual phone number opens up new possibilities not only for personal use but also for business.

What are the benefits of a Google account?

  • Access to a variety of services: Registering a new user gives you access to a wealth of free online services, such as Google Groups, Picasa, Calendar, and many more.
  • Ability to create a YouTube channel: By registering on YouTube, you can create your own channel and actively promote products or services.
  • Traffic growth through Google+: Rapid traffic growth and keyword ranking strengthening are achieved by increasing the number of clicks on the Google plus button.
  • Fast sending and receiving of emails: Registration in guarantees fast sending and receiving of emails, as well as effective feedback from customers.
  • Increased website visibility: Registering with Google is a great way to improve website indexing and make it visible to web users.

Who needs Google accounts?

Gmail registration will be of interest to affiliates and webmasters. Some use it to generate traffic and earn money from affiliate programs, while others monetize their audience through Google advertising. However, it is important to remember that one person can only create 1 registration in, and violating this rule can lead to account blocking.

How to create multiple Google accounts with a single virtual number?

If you have already registered a Gmail account but want to link several pages to the virtual number, use the following steps:

  1. Turn on VPN and open the required number of tabs to create multiple emails with registration.
  2. Fill out each profile with different foreign names and email addresses to avoid similarity.
  3. Select a country and phone number on the website.
  4. Click "Buy" and use the activated number for all tabs.
  5. Confirm the number in the first tab and wait for the SMS with the activation code.
  6. Enter the code and repeat the process for the remaining tabs.

This method is not always effective, but it is worth trying.

Google Account Usage Rules:

Clear cookies in your browser before each login.

Log in from IP addresses of different countries.

Upon first login, Google may ask for an additional email or phone number for security purposes.

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