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Secure Telegram: How to always stay in touch

March 15, 2024

In the age of digital technology and social media, the use of messengers for business, learning and personal communication is becoming increasingly popular. Telegram, thanks to its speed, privacy and wide functionality, stands out among other platforms. However, as with any other service, users can face blocking for violating the rules of use. This is especially true for active users or those who use the account for commercial purposes. Problems can arise both with the account itself and with the IP address, which can seriously complicate the use of the service.

In order to avoid blocking and effectively use Telegram for your own purposes, it is important to know the main points. For example, one of the common problems is blocking due to excessive activity, such as sending a large number of messages to unknown users, which the system may consider as spam. In addition, it is also important to consider the reasons for blocking related to the content of messages, which may violate the platform's policies.

How to restore access to Telegram

To restore access to your Telegram account in case of blocking, follow the following algorithm:

  1. Firstly, uninstall the installed Telegram app from your device.
  2. Clear the cache and application data in your smartphone settings to get rid of possible traces of the previous account.
  3. Register a new phone number or use a number not previously linked to Telegram. This can be done through virtual number services.
  4. Download and install the Telegram app again.
  5. Follow the instructions to register in the app with your new number.
  6. It is important to start using the new account with caution, avoiding repeating the actions that led to the blocking of the previous account.

How to create multiple Telegram accounts

To create several Telegram accounts and manage them effectively without the risk of being blocked, you can use special applications for cloning applications, such as App Cloner or Parallel Space. These applications allow you to simultaneously manage multiple accounts from a single device, which is especially useful for running a business or managing multiple projects.

In addition, to bypass geographical restrictions or IP blocking, it is recommended to use VPN services that allow you to change your virtual location. This will not only help you avoid blocking, but will also increase your online privacy.

It is important to remember that following the rules of use and careful activity in Telegram will help you avoid unwanted blocking and make your stay in the messenger as comfortable and safe as possible. To receive SMS to additional numbers, you can use our service of virtual numbers for SMS. It will allow you to solve this task efficiently and at a low price!

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