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How to register a page on VKontakte without a phone number

September 7, 2023

Registration on the social network Vkontakte without using a phone number has long been a challenge for many Internet users. In recent years, the VK administration has taken even stricter measures when creating new accounts. Now, to create a profile on this social network, you need a mobile phone number that will be used to receive SMS with an activation code.

Therefore, this question remains relevant: what should those who wish to remain anonymous or create a new page without linking a phone number do? Especially if you need to create a number of such pages, for example, for work. 

The most reliable way!

Using a virtual number: To create an account without a phone number, you can use the service of SMS activation. This method is the most reliable and convenient. One of these services is our site -, which provides an opportunity to purchase a virtual number to activate Vkontakte and for other purposes for just a few rubles. The registration process through a virtual number is quite simple: register on the website, replenish your account, select among the offered Vkontakte services, copy the purchased virtual number and use it to register on the VK website.

Using this method, you can create accounts without linking a phone number for a minimum financial expenses. What is especially important if, through these accounts, you earn money on the Internet, for example, doing arbitration, which usually requires a large number of VK accounts, and, therefore, a large number of phone numbers. Moreover, this is a constant need, because sooner or later accounts will be banned. Our virtual number service helps to solve this problem easily.

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