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In this case you should buy another phone number or change the operator. Sometimes it takes more attempts, to get an SMS. This is a normal situation, since SMS does not always arrive from the first time. SMS receiving also depends on your IP address, therefore it is important to use a proxy or VPN of the country, from which you want to receive the message. In addition, you can try changing the browser or logging in from another device. Pay attention, if you have not received the SMS, the money is returned back to the balance automatically after completing the order.
Additional activation is used if the activation time has expired, but you need to restore access to your account and receive SMS. We do not guarantee how long you will be able to receive an SMS to restore access after activation is completed. As a rule, the number becomes unavailable after day. But, if the number is still online, we will provide you with the opportunity to receive SMS. This applies to numbers of all operators except MTT. More detailed information can be found by following the link:
Messages (SMS) that cannot be received on our website:

-from banks and financial systems;
-service messages from a mobile operator.
Numbers are replenished regularly, without time limits. Click "Buy", you will stand in line for the first numbers added and will receive them as soon as they are added.

If the numbers you need are not available for a long time, we advise you to consider numbers from other countries.
Don’t forget, using foreign numbers requires a Proxy or VPN.
Recommendations when working with foreign numbers:
When registering the most popular services, such as: vk, viber, FB, Insta, etc., our service recommends following a number of simple rules.
Compliance with these recommendations is not a panacea, but greatly increases your chances of successful registration.
Use a proxy or vpn. Most services determine your location by IP address and compare it with the registered number. For example, you are from Russia, but want to register vk to a Kazakhstan number. You need to make VK think that you are from Kazakhstan. You can do this using proxy servers, they are both free and paid. You can read how to use and where to find them on the Internet. Use a non-main browser for registration. All browsers store traces of your activities on the Internet. Install a second browser or if you already have one, clear it (cookies, cache, history) . You can find how to do this on the Internet specifically for your browser. Also, as an alternative, using the “incognito” mode is suitable. Change the operator. Unfortunately, sometimes, due to the fault of unscrupulous suppliers, you may be given low-quality numbers. This happens extremely rarely, but it does happen. In this case, we recommend changing the operator. You can do this by adding the services you are interested in to Favorites. To do this, you need to click on the “heart” next to the selected service: Most likely, the above recommendations will help you, but this is not 100%. Our service does not sell accounts, but the service of receiving SMS. We do not own any inside information. We do not know the algorithms of instant messengers and social networks thoroughly. networks on which they ban, block, and do not allow you to register. There are forums or other resources on the Internet where you can get similar information.
Unfortunately, this happens due to the re-issuance of a telephone number by a cellular operator for which it has already been registered. No online activation service is immune from such risks, since it is impossible to check this in advance, before receiving the registration code, for technical reasons. And updating the database depends solely on the selected service. Our resource specializes in issuing an SMS code to a number so that you can register an account, at the same time, we do not guarantee receiving bonuses or discounts from the services where registration is carried out. Alas, this is not a returnable case.